Japanese Snuggie – Don’t You Want One?

The main reason I am posting about the now-infamous “Japanese Snuggie” is because, of course, the Internet has gone to town with its promotional imagery, and I can’t help but spread the funny.

First, the original:

A+ for comfort

Apparently one of the ideas behind this innovative new sleeping bag with legs is that you’ll be able to get up and run away from bears should you be caught by one while camping. There are a few things that come to mind when you hear that:

  • If you’re caught by a bear, you probably can’t outrun it.
  • In regular sleeping bags, you can at least pretend to be a giant rock. Bears can’t see all that well in the dark, can they? Now you’re just a giant, armless mass with easy-to-chew-off legs.
  • You can’t easily stand without the use of your arms.

You’ve got to admire the thought, however. Maybe.

Now, some of my favorite Photoshop edits. Note that all of these originated as a cumulative effort of the SomethingAwful Forum Goons in contribution to yet another Photoshop Phriday, so you should probably head on over there to appreciate their work where it originated. After all these years, I do so love me some Photoshop Phriday. A friend showed me these directly — please comment to stake claim if you so desire.

Federal Reserve Note

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Geisha is…Robot

I wasn’t sure what to think a few months back when I was given a link to the trailer of Cat Shit One with no further information.



It has this Watership Downish feel to it, and thus my soul keeps preparing to be depressed while watching that.

Apparently it’s based off a manga series, called Apocalypse Meow in English, by Motofumi Kobayashi. The manga was based in Vietnam; the movie is set in the Middle East. Hmm. It will be developed into an anime, too. It’s just that good.

But that’s not why I’m posting. I’m posting because the ridiculousness of Japanese movies has led me to watch yet another bizarre trailer that I’m not sure I’d be able to endure for more than the length of 4 minutes.


Behold, RoboGeisha. NSFW! You might not want to watch if you don’t like gratuitous violence, including hip-katana-induced wounds, fried shrimp eye-gouging (although this was more funny then violent), female bleeding backsides, or Engrish voiceovers that may just make your ears bleed.

This movie would be ADORABLE if not for the masses of blood. It has a cute air about it, so the violence truly feels out of place. Good job, Japan.

Ginza Gold

Oh, opulence! When is it art, and when is it truly too much?

I was watching The Colbert Report and saw this: a Japanese 2009 calendar made out of solid gold.

Doesn't get any more straightforward than that.

They’re Â¥30,000,000, or, in USD, still a crap-ton of money. And it’s not like there’s just one, a prize for a single elite; no, Ginza Tanaka is “taking orders” for them.

As if there were a demand, a need, for golden calendars.

(It’s not even something that everybody wants, like a golden toilet, for instance. No, it’s just a calendar. I prefer my calendar to be more interesting to look at.)

It could have been art, yes. But actually, it’s rather plain (and shiny, but still plain). Just an expensive block of gold with numbers and days printed on it, encased in wood. Some of the other things Tanaka Corp does looks interesting. Unfortunately, this particular block of gold fails to be both enticing and useful! I mean, you can’t even mark off days.

Better things could be done, is all I’m sayin’.

In the end, I actually don’t care that much; I mean, it’s kind of neat. It seems as though some people out there deserve gold calendars, anyhow.