Fun Japanese Thing: Tuttukibako

We already know that Japan has a mastery of pixel-toys to rival that of Huru-Humis (seriously, why do we even bother); Tomagotchi brought us all joy and possibly made us well up and cry back when. I know I just couldn’t get over it when all eight of mine died simultaneously. Oh, but the innovation never stops!

Tuttukibako (ツッツキバコ) is a small pixel toy from Bandai and Asovision. It’s just big enough to have a screen, and for you to stick your pointer finger into. What do you do after you stick it in? Knowing some Japanese toys, you might be expecting more. No, but in this case, you can interact with the many different stages on-screen!

Whoa! Look what happens to your finger!

Flick somebody!

Cause somebody to vomit, or sneeze, or something like that!

Explore the sea!

Squish an amoeba!

Take that, amoeba!

It’s all possible with just your finger!

I’d like to try one out. I get a kick out of stuff like this, simple as it may be. Maybe they’ll integrate this kind of technology into the next Nintendo DS model?

Edit 4.3.10: And now there’s an English website!

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