Japan Blog Matsuri September 2010 Theme Is…

Japan Blog Matsuri

Hello, and welcome! Nippon-Ichigo is this year’s host for September’s Japan Blog Matsuri theme!

A big thanks to last month’s host, Through Eyes from Afar, and their great theme “Japanese Nature/Culture“!

Aaand September’s theme is…

“Japanese Music!”

That’s right! I can’t believe this hasn’t been done yet. I’m a big fan, as are many others all over the world. Whether you’d like to talk about artists currently in the Japanese media, different aspects of Japanese musical style, your favorite Japanese songs, Japanese instruments of ancient times, or whatever else have you, it all fits into September’s theme! Just make sure your post follows the Japan Blog Matsuri guidelines for submission.

Rules and Guidelines

  • Include at least one picture. People need visuals!
  • Write enough substance. Not too many pictures, y’all.
  • And, of course, follow all the rest of these guidlines!

Ways You Can Submit

You should send me the url/link to your entry by doing these things:

  • Email me through the contact form on this site! (Preferred)
  • Email me directly, if that somehow fails: self (.) revolution at gmail (.) com
  • Leave a comment in this post with the link to your blog post!
  • Submit it through the Blog Carnival Widget!

Deadline: September 24th

Let’s get to it, and have fun with it! Feel free to contact me about questions, too. Yaaay!