Animations from Cute to Cool

I enjoyed doing my past blog matsuri research for nice independent animations on the internet made by Japanese people. I should keep posting them from time to time. Here’s an adorable one I just saw, which is actually Taiwanese:


Don’t read the comments there if you go to Youtube; though you should never read Youtube comments anyway.

Speaking of animation, I also just saw some pretty neat and elaborate sketch animations for the next Castlevania game. I actually don’t see these kinds of things often, so it’s really cool.


Download them here.

IS Parade: Mii Parade Meets Katamari!

I’m probably slow in finding this, but this amusing Japanese website meshes Katamari Damacy style with Nintendo Wii’s Mii Parade aesthetic to make a Twitter toy that amuses me perhaps too much!

It makes your Twitter feel special!

I’ve already done this like 8 times.

By the way, I’m on Twitter a lot. If you are, too, you could follow my main account (on which there are many artistic/design ramblings) or the one for this blog (which is similar, but also a feed for posts here).

The Mario Violinist (and More Mario)

You should know, I’m on a real Mario kick right now. With the recent release of Super Mario Galaxy 2, not to mention E3 with all the other great returning classic platform heroes, I just want to play video games all day. But such desires of the id are played down and subdued, only to be lived out in my fantasies while I watch video game related media at work.

(Nah, I’m working, honestly… with a little peep here and there.)

So anyway, I got a real kick out of this.


Teppei Okada has the right idea. If I could even remotely play violin, this is exactly what I’d do, too.

While I’m at it, here are a few more Mario videos I’m liking the hell out of. SPOILERS: Mario dies at the end of all these videos. (Why are we all so cruel to him? But I enjoyed long-jumping him into walls in 64, if only to hear that goofy “d’oh, oooof…”)

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Japanese Bar Codes

I actually still have a lot of entries planned/in progress for this blog. I just had a sudden decrease in free time due to the acquisition of a new job, but I do have a bit of hefty updating to do (also to the site itself). Expect a few design- and video-related posts in the future. Also, media commentary??

Anyways, I like to see practical things with a creative/cute design spin. I was going through the backlog of Brog posts (because for some reason I had never read them, despite being a big fan of the site since 2000) and saw these adorable Japanese barcode designs.

My favorites are umbrella-related.