As a once-avid fan of Spongebob, and one curious about Spongebob’s overseas popularity, this amuses me to no end.

(Also, take this to be my “not dead” post! Many things happened since October. I may begin occasionally posting things that are simpler to write about, like Japanese video games or conventions. Not often, just sometimes — and always with a theme.)

Ginza Gold

Oh, opulence! When is it art, and when is it truly too much?

I was watching The Colbert Report and saw this: a Japanese 2009 calendar made out of solid gold.

Doesn't get any more straightforward than that.

They’re Â¥30,000,000, or, in USD, still a crap-ton of money. And it’s not like there’s just one, a prize for a single elite; no, Ginza Tanaka is “taking orders” for them.

As if there were a demand, a need, for golden calendars.

(It’s not even something that everybody wants, like a golden toilet, for instance. No, it’s just a calendar. I prefer my calendar to be more interesting to look at.)

It could have been art, yes. But actually, it’s rather plain (and shiny, but still plain). Just an expensive block of gold with numbers and days printed on it, encased in wood. Some of the other things Tanaka Corp does looks interesting. Unfortunately, this particular block of gold fails to be both enticing and useful! I mean, you can’t even mark off days.

Better things could be done, is all I’m sayin’.

In the end, I actually don’t care that much; I mean, it’s kind of neat. It seems as though some people out there deserve gold calendars, anyhow.