Japanese Snuggie – Don’t You Want One?

The main reason I am posting about the now-infamous “Japanese Snuggie” is because, of course, the Internet has gone to town with its promotional imagery, and I can’t help but spread the funny.

First, the original:

A+ for comfort

Apparently one of the ideas behind this innovative new sleeping bag with legs is that you’ll be able to get up and run away from bears should you be caught by one while camping. There are a few things that come to mind when you hear that:

  • If you’re caught by a bear, you probably can’t outrun it.
  • In regular sleeping bags, you can at least pretend to be a giant rock. Bears can’t see all that well in the dark, can they? Now you’re just a giant, armless mass with easy-to-chew-off legs.
  • You can’t easily stand without the use of your arms.

You’ve got to admire the thought, however. Maybe.

Now, some of my favorite Photoshop edits. Note that all of these originated as a cumulative effort of the SomethingAwful Forum Goons in contribution to yet another Photoshop Phriday, so you should probably head on over there to appreciate their work where it originated. After all these years, I do so love me some Photoshop Phriday. A friend showed me these directly — please comment to stake claim if you so desire.

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